Without registration advertising itÂŽs worthless




Number of visitors. Without registration, whatÂŽs the meaning of the number?

You canÂŽt tell how many people is getting your message. There is no absolut or real number without registration.

Only registration can tell you the reality about how many people is watching your ad.


The Guardia offers a nice and clean registration that can be added with as many details the users wants to add.

Also the lead you to register for newsletters that is a must once you have the user register.

The ad in the newsletter is worth a lot more than the one show on the web. The reason?
People is demanding that content.


Le Monde offers a newspaper full of ads and also offers a pay model where you can post comments in the editorial page, and have access to almost half the content the newspaper has to offer.

But I think Le Monde does not offer a login only model. Or you pay or you are "no-one". I think this model is nice, but I think is better to build a relation with you users step bu step.

You need to offer a suscription and later you need to ask for the money. Going from zero to the money can be a step to big for a lot of customers.

Corriere della Sera

El Corriere offers a suscripcion button that offers some advantages like newsletter or access to the archives asking the user for a few personal questions.

The registration works fine and the keep the sesion open almost forever.

That way you donÂŽt need to login again until you change the computer you are using.


The italian newspaper uses a model based on advertising everywhere. From google like ads to big flashy ads that take the whole screen.

They donÂŽt offer any way to the user to subscribe or register or participate.


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