Comunidades y asociaciones profesionales


aiga experience design

Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture (AIfIA)

Organización sin ánimo de lucro compuesta por voluntarios con el objetivo de evolucionar y promover la arquitectura de información.

Usability Proffesionals Association

Provide an international network through which usability professionals can share information about the techniques and methodologies in the profession.
Create an inclusive community for those interested in usability, whether it is their primary focus or a related discipline.
Change new product development processes to include a concern for the people who use them by presenting the business case for usability in product development to colleagues, customers, the public and governmental agencies.
Increase the body of knowledge about usability and user-centered design through professional education, meetings and conventions and other professional interchanges

Society for Technical Communication (STC) Usability SIG

Association for Computing Machinery

International Institute for Information Design

understanding within the human community with respect to cultural and economic issues by means of improved visual communication. Special attention is paid to the potential of graphic information design to overcome both social and language barriers.

IIID endeavours to develop information design as an independent interdisciplinary field of knowledge and professional activities, to document and to make generally accessible specifically relevant information, to do research within its possibilities and in co-operation with its members and to find new ways of educating information designers.

The aims of IIID are to be achieved by interdisciplinary and international co-operation.

IIID focuses on the following subjects:
Information design for business communications
Information design for product development
Information design for orientation in the environment
Information design for training and education
Information design for the better understanding of scientific knowledge.

Asociación Interacción Persona Ordenador (AIPO)

Representación local del Grupo de Interés Especial en Interacción Persona Ordenador en España. Listado de miembros y actividades.

Computer-Human Interaction SIGCHI

Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques SIGGRAPH

Multimedia SIGMM

Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing SIGMOBILE

Hypertext, Hypermedia and Web SIGWEB


American Society for Information Science and Technology
Special Interest Group: Information Architecture



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